Donna's Tree

My latest commission was a wonderful project recreating a family tree, and a childhood memory, all in one very tall painting.

My favorite client, Brynn, reached out again about creating a 70th birthday gift for her Dad. Being from Oregon, they had a family tree, dedicated to her Grandmother Donna by her Grandfather. She said as a family, they had always visited the tree and only seen in from the ground. “No one can get far away from it to see it, because it in the forest and it’s like 150’ tall, so we always end up looking up and getting pictures of the trunk.”

We had the unique idea of painting Donna’s tree so it stood alone on the canvas, having her grandparents at the bottom of the painting, and the tree shrouded in the Oregon mist at the top. Dims would be 12x48”.

We started with several watercolor sketches for approval, before I completed it in acrylic. The most challenging part of the painting was capturing her sweet grandparents in such small detail while keeping the tree the main focus.

I LOVED working on this project, it seemed to have a very whimsical feel about it, I was honoring both the legacy of her grandparents and the beauty is the towering Douglas fir, all while offering them a view their family had never seen.